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Get ready for a Philippine tour like no other!  Vacation packages that will let you journey through the country’s three major island groups.  From Luzon, to Visayas & to Mindanao, enjoy this tropical adventure filled with fun, food and pleasure!

Escape to the orient & experience an exceptional feast of all senses!  Our itineraries will deliver all the finest Asia has to offer, from awe-inspiring tourist spots, historical sites, vestal islands & beaches, to scrumptious banquets.

Live your Lord of the Rings fantasies in Hobbiton or discover the hidden foodie laneways of Wellington. Tour of North Island is a treat the family will love. Hop over to the South Island too! With the adventure paradise of Queenstown, the crème de la crème of street art in Christchurch, an all-inclusive adventure won't disappoint.

Ranging from the vast outback of assorted rugged terrain to the modern metropolis of impressive superstructures, Australia has it all for all worldly travelers. You can afford our sundry of travel circuits, starting with our best choice destinations.

Go on a safari across the rich plains, plateaus, forests and hills and encounter a myriad of wildlife or bask in leisurely pleasure on silky beaches and lavish wine lands.  South Africa is the expedition of a lifetime!

A treasure trove of natural & cultural splendor, wander through the cities, county sides & ranges of the diverse European countries.  Pack light and prepare for a European holiday as we offer customized travel plans for you to experience everything there is.

Roam through the multicultural streets of New York, party at juke joints & jazz club of New Orleans; trek past rocky bends of the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona; relive the history of American music at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland; all this & more with our USA tour packs that will surely be a blast!

Cruising makes your next vacation more exciting! A Perfect time to relax while your on-the-go to your destination. Redefine your travel with a wondrous journey beyond the sea as we bring you the finest experience around the globe.

Experience a unique journey that will deepen your spirituality. A life changing experience that will bring you back to the biblical times. Choose from set arranged expeditions, these spiritual journeys cross ancient historical sites are designed to rejuvenate and further appreciate one’s faith and belief.


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Explore the world with us.

Explore the world with us.

Explore the world with us.

Explore the world with us.